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The Gorgeous Dress Company Ltd


The Gorgeous Dress Company usually has a wide range of Pre-loved immaculate dresses and gowns that can be bought for a considerable discount from the new retailers recommended price.

These dresses are all in new condition and have been professionally dry cleaned before they are put on display.


This means that you can now afford a very special gown indeed for that one off occassion or function where you really want to stand out.


Because these gowns are one off items they are not always available in the size you might need. We can offer a complete seamstress service to have these items tailored to your requirements.


If on the other hand you have a gorgeous dress that you would like to re-home then please send an email picture to us. Because of the high standards in what we offer we also insist on high standards in what we resell so your dress must be:


- Less than 3 years old

- In new condition

- Preferably with a designer label


Emails with pictures should be addressed to

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